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Pocket Guide to Survive at College: About You and Your Study

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Life is quite a multi-faceted thing, especially when you study at college. The more its facets you try to explore, the more interconnected they may once seem to you. That is what I noticed a few years ago, when I was a third or fourth year student.

I still remember how useful my volunteering experience appeared to be when I needed to write an exam essay. Also, I was lucky enough to find a part-time which allowed me to learn things which we were not taught at college. Still, sometimes my mates and I just had to go through the mill in order to keep pace with several different realities – at college, at work, plus somewhere else. And we have survived, you know.

So, this is what I would like to dedicate this blog to. However, I am not going to paint college routine in the darkest colors like some guys do it. Though there were days when my personal schedule did drive me crazy, that was my choice to stick to it. Here together with you we will try to explore every corner of your life in and outside your campus in order to develop an optimistic attitude to it and make it brighter!

Our Blogging Crew

These days our blog project involves several experienced bloggers, copy-writers and web content writers, who are involved in other independent projects and start-ups. The thing is that most of us began participating in different undertakings when were students, and still we communicate and cooperate with many guys who continue their study. Their interests and stories, as well as our personal experiences, inspired us to create a blog which could turn into a helpful and informative source for everybody whose life and lifestyle somehow includes that college element.

So, let us see what you can find here!

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Tips and Tricks to Cope with Home Assignments

You have come across a great collection of tips and ideas for your writing assignments. We are going to share our copy-writing and blogging experience with you, so we can show you all the hidden rocks and help you avoid or even destroy them. Besides, we will pay attention to all those complicated and confusing requirements to academic papers, set by colleges and universities, so that you could do your work flawlessly and painlessly.

Interesting Facts About Education and Study

Experience shows that it is never bad to keep abreast of what is going on around you. So, in this blog we are going to shed more light on different aspects and issues of your study and education in general. We will connect it with the latest achievements of technological progress, as well as with many other recent tendencies and phenomena whose influence we cannot ignore.

Time-Management and Other Strategies to Keep Yourself Healthy

Healthy and well-organized life-style is a key to your wish to wake up the following morning and go fight for your success and happiness. But the most interesting thing about it is that there cannot be a universally healthful and right way of life.

Even if for your best friend waking up at 7 a.m. is so wonderfully helpful, for you it can be terribly tiring. Taking this idea into account, we do not want to tell you what is right and what is wrong as many sources actually do. We will offer you many ideas, and you will decide which of them is good for you personally.

Solutions for Different Kinds of College Issues

Your study at college is the time when you have to face different life challenges on your own. Even if you have really good friends, once you will realize that you cannot share absolutely everything with them, for incredibly different reasons.

In our blog you will find some really effective and time-tested tips and prompts how to get out of those conflicts or difficulties which my and other guys from our team faced personally. Again, we survived, so this is quite a valid reason for us to believe that our solutions for these issues were right.


This is our space for spontaneous creativity and outside-the-box ideas. So, follow our refreshments and get your generous portion of surprising facts!

Thank you for staying with us! Have a good time!

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