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Digital Library vs. Traditional Library: Should You Really Choose?

Laptop and Book

The invention of script revolutionized the history of our world and changed its destiny forever. For many years scientists have been searching for the real origins of script and trying to understand how it spread across the globe. It is another question whether their hypotheses and achievements have brought them closer to the truth or not. However, it is absolutely clear that systems of hieroglyphs and alphabets naturally forced the mankind to make one more step higher.

Team of Programmers

It is true that today the sphere of information technology cannot help attracting more and more young people. You have certainly heard some breathtaking stories about someone’s friend, or brother (sister), or son (daughter) who chose to study computer science, got a diploma, was offered jobs at several coolest IT-companies, and who is now making very good money and plans to open his own business, and the like.

Student in Library

These days many people do not like to read, and even manage to be proud of it. Such people cause nothing but regret because the presence of consciousness and abstract thinking are things what distinguish a person from an animal. Probably, it is difficult to dispute the fact that reading helps to develop the abstract thinking and imagination.

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It is never too late to change something in your life, and in some moments, it is especially important. Those, who have ever thought about how to eliminate from consuming animal products, do not make a mistake and make the first step. Here, it is our research: student’s life is the best time to become a vegetarian!

Basket of Vegetables

Students, who choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, say that the decision to refuse the consuming meat and other animal products has had a serious impact on their health and they want to continue their way of life. We recommend you to read the first top 5 “veggie friendly” countries. We will continue this list right now.

Fruit Basket

While studying, for any student, an opportunity to lead a normal lifestyle and eat familiar food is very important. That is why students-vegetarians, and especially vegans, should pay attention to the gastronomic features of the country, in which they are going to learn.

A matter of logical approach – here’s how to write an analytical essay Analytical essay writing is quite different from any other assignment of this type for several reasons. The main one is – it requires a thorough investigation, conducted by you personally. It means that you can’t just tell some facts and promote your

Writing argumentative essays properly
And 5 best argumentative essay ideas

Argumentative essay writing is a basic skill that you’re learning at school. The reason is simple – you’ll have to write them over and over again throughout your education process. In other words, you absolutely have to learn to do that, or you’re not going to college. Don’t ask why – with an argumentation essay you’re learning to from your thoughts right and properly put them on paper. That’s important enough, don’t you think?

How to write an essay properly – a short guide

Among all the writing assignments, essays are, perhaps, the most popular among school teachers, university professors and tutors in general. The reason is understandable once you look at the number of essay types: argumentative, narrative, descriptive, persuasive and so on.

Such a versatility of assignment has led to interesting consequences – no one really knows what he’ll have to do, when he’s being asked to write an essay, before the details are stated. But let’s pause for a minute and stay at the moment, when they’re not. How to write essays in general?

Tell a story and watch the reaction – Narrative Essays
Writing a narrative essay is your first chance to teach a lesson, instead of learning it

There’s a kind of academic papers, which doesn’t require any additional work – it only tests your writing skills. If we simplify the definition of a narrative essay, we get a text that shares your personal experience, teaches a lesson or entertains the audience. You may think that it’s very easy, and you’ll be partially right. In comparison to other essay types, this one takes less effort, but it still has rules and a way of evaluation, so you’ll have to work to get a positive grade.

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