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Custom Essay Writing is what everyone wants. And that’s because there is no such thing as a standard essay. And that’s because there is no such thing as a standard writer. And so every essay-writing service advertises itself as a custom essay-writing service. Don’t believe them. Custom they are not. Expect standard mediocrity.

EssayWritersLab.com is the Web’s premier custom essay writing service. One of the reasons for that is our ability to tailor your specific needs to the subject you need written about. We not only have writers from the Top 10 universities, we have writers with Master’s and Ph.D.’s who have specialized in all of the academic topics those universities have in their catalogues. And we also have writers with multidisciplinary graduate degrees, many of them in both the classics and the sciences. This is how EssayWritersLab.com is able to consistently practice the very best custom writing essays service.

Consider the following:

  • We will guarantee that every custom essay writing we are responsible for will be completely original.
  • We will not resell your essay to anyone else.
  • We will not rewrite your essay and sell it to anyone else.
  • We will provide free revisions to your own essay upon demand.
  • We will offer you a free quote and stick to it.
  • We will meet your deadline or give you your money back.

These are just the basics. Many other so-called writing services will offer the same thing, but few if any will deliver. That is because most of those services actually get very little work in the first place. And what do expect? Their websites contain lines like: “One of the many things every college student will hear a lot about is the infamous college essays.”

Are the infamous college essays. (It is still a badly written sentence.)

Here’s another: “[name of company] has a large network of professional college essay editors, many of who are graduates of the nation’s most competitive colleges including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Stanford.”

Many of whom are graduates.

Go ahead and Google those sentences. You’ll find the names of the offenders. There are countless others. Do you really want to go to them when you need a custom essays writing service?

We didn’t think so.

In order to successfully write custom essays, a writer has to know both the subject itself and have the English skills to write it, but also know how to follow the instructor’s guidelines creatively, not just by rote, or programmatically like a robot. Creative is what custom actually means. For example, take a paper that discusses a specific historical incident. What a EssayWritersLab.com writer will do is not merely discuss the incident itself, but will also discuss the role of the sources that are used to document the incident. The sources may be:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary

One must make clear what the differences are, and how much they agree or disagree. Here the details of agreement or disagreement are critical. The typical online writer of essays will ignore all of that, or just put in a bunch of boilerplate.

EssayWritersLab.com does not do boilerplate. We do original, creative custom essays.

Call, email, or chat us live. We are ready, 24/7.

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