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The panic-stricken call comes in the middle of the night: Help me write my essay! That’s what the essay writing help business is about: responding quickly to an emergency. Much of the business that comes in needs to be done ASAP. EssayWritersLab.com does ASAP.


Getting online essay help is never easy. Think the hardest part is deciding where to start looking? If so, move to the back of the class. The problem is deciding when to start looking. Just Google something like college essay writing help will give you an idea of the problem. What you will find are many legitimate-looking names of websites, many with legitimate-looking logos. None of which means anything.

Lesson: It takes time to find the right service. And now, congratulations. You can now stop looking. You’ve already found it.

We Are EssayWritersLab.Com

On the Web (and everywhere else) essay-writing services come and go like mayflies. Others are just dead or static websites, more or less abandoned by their owners. Others are writing in every variety of pidgin English you can imagine: take your pick. Even outfits like ours (there aren’t any like ours, but you know what we mean) with the resources and experience to stay in the game have a hard time getting known. One thing that even the best services (again, like ours) lack is word-of-mouth. After all, when you come to us needing help, and we get you the A you were needing to pass, you are not likely to tell your friends and/or roommates (the two aren’t always synonymous), and you sure aren’t likely to tell your parents.

You are going to keep it a deep, dark secret.

We’re resigned to it. A lack of word-of-mouth goes with the territory. And it’s cold comfort to realize that at least on the Internet forums we have a lack of negative feedback. Our name is not heard there because no one has anything bad so say about us. It’s better than nothing, but, business is business and we’d prefer something a bit more substantial.

We’ve decided to just do the best we can, knowing that, one way or another, our talent and work ethic will produce results. EssayWritersLab.com hires only:

  • Native English speakers
  • College graduates from top-tier universities
  • Applicants with a demonstrated track-record of published writings

EssayLabWriters.com really has (we don’t just say we have them):

  • 24/7 toll-free phone, email, and live chat
  • Representatives fluent in English who can quickly and professionally analyze your needs
  • Zero tolerance for plagiarism
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied


It is always best to allow as much time as possible to research and write an academic paper. But we know from experience that students who need writing essay help procrastinate, often because, carrying a full load of classes and working a job at the same time, they have no choice. We’re used to that, and our writers are the best in the business at producing top of the line work in minimal amounts of time. And the added amount of money you will need?

A marginal amount more, and no more than that. We guarantee it. Our rates are easily the most competitive in an already competitive business.

Need essay writing help?

Call EssayWritersLab.com now. We are standing by, 24/7.

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