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How To Buy College Essays

Sooner or later in the lives of the average college student, there will come a time when they will at least consider the idea question of whether to buy essays from a friend or roommate or buy essay online. We here at EssayWritersLab.com don’t pretend to know how many students get their essays from friends, but we do know that a lot of them buy them online. Many of them come to us.

For most students, the determining factor is cost. To be blunt, they want cheap essay writing and they want it now. But that is where they make their first mistake. Buying cheap.

Here is the problem: cheap essay writing services invariably employ writers who aren’t fluent in English. The customers of such services end up getting various degrees of pidgin English. Of course, that in itself is not always a problem. That’s because many of the customers of online essay-writing services are themselves not fluent, and their instructors know it. Also, there is a fairly large subset of such customers who think that the pidgin English they grew up speaking is itself fluent King’s English. So websites who offer the real King’s English will be suspected by such customers of offering pidgin English — a case of the problem turning itself inside out, one might say. The result is a kind of double jeopardy for English-fluent writers.

When the instructor knows that the student is not fluent and is willing to accept papers written in sub-par English, then there is another hurdle: the papers will not only be pidgin, but it will be poorly written regardless of its fluency. There are several reasons for that. The first is that most agencies won’t pay their writers more money for ASAP work, or if they do it will be a trifling amount. So the writer has little incentive to work better under a close deadline.

Another reason is that the average college student waits until the last minute to get their courage up to contact an essay-writing service. But we here at EssayWritersLab.com remember an old saying in the printing business: you can get your order done

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Right
  • But only two out of three of the above.

Those four criteria define the economics of essay writing as well as printing. The cheap, fly-by-night pay to write essay services don’t know the above saying, and even if they did they wouldn’t tell their customers. That’s because they just want your money. But here at EssayWritersLab.com we tell our customers up front what can be expected and what can’t be expected. If you can give us enough time, not only will you get a better paper, but you will pay less money to get it. You win both ways. When you wait until the last minute, you get a paper that can’t be as thoroughly researched and as thoroughly reviewed. There simply isn’t time.

The lesson: plan ahead, and don’t be afraid to give EssayWritersLab.com a call, send us an email, or talk to us via Live Chat. We won’t try to sell you a used car, and we won’t take your money and hand you a lemon of an essay.

EssayWritersLab.com. The more time you give us, the more often you’ll come back.

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