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How to write an essay

How to write an essay properly – a short guide

Among all the writing assignments, essays are, perhaps, the most popular among school teachers, university professors and tutors in general. The reason is understandable once you look at the number of essay types: argumentative, narrative, descriptive, persuasive and so on.

Such a versatility of assignment has led to interesting consequences – no one really knows what he’ll have to do, when he’s being asked to write an essay, before the details are stated. But let’s pause for a minute and stay at the moment, when they’re not. How to write essays in general?

–  Most essays have a similar structure, usually consisting of five parts. A school-level paper may consist of three, but it’s just the simplified look: introduction, main body and conclusion.

–  You’ll need a plan. Do you know how to write essay outlines? You should, because only having thought through everything you want to write, you can proceed with ease.


Now, let’s say we know the type of the essay, what now? It shows us the exact structure, which leads us to writing a more detailed outline. Each type has its own requirements and parts, so you’d better have a list of them nearby. For example, how do you write an essay of persuasive type? Here’s your outline:

1. Introduction (why the topic is worth discussing)

2. Narration (information on your point)

3. Affirmation (facts in favor of your point)

4. Negation (facts against, usually less)

5. Conclusion (why everyone should accept your point)

See – nothing difficult, is there?

Now, another moment goes by and we know the subject and the topic, as well as the demanded number of pages and sources.

What you may ask now is “How do I write an essay on biochemical reactions of the human body?” and the answer will still be – easy. First of all, we may presume the essay is purely informative and you’re not required to conduct a research. Here, all you have to do is read the needed facts and portray them in your own words.

Okay, I guess we’ve got you a “C”, now how to write a good essay, worth at least a “B”? Well, first of all – adhere to the rules. Meet the requirements of the format as well as the demands of your tutor and everything will be okay. As long as your essay is interesting, uses relevant language and is not plagiarized – a “B” is guaranteed. What if it’s not enough? Let’s see how to write a perfect essay? This is a tough one…
You see, there’s a thing called “the human factor”, which influences all the grades from the top to the very bottom. It means that to get an “A” or an “A+”, you need to know how to satisfy your teacher’s academic appetites. If he starts telling you how to write better essays – listen to him carefully. His preferences will be crucial when you’re actually writing for the highest grade.

Here are a few hints on how to write A essay:

–          Even the smallest mistakes are forbidden, not to mention worse errors

–          Every structural part of the essay must be at its place – nothing more, nothing less

–          The sources must be used properly, without unintended plagiarism

–          The essay must be interesting to read and comprehensive – no need to write what you don’t understand

–          Come to your tutor and ask how to write A essay paper – he’ll surely give a hint

Actually, what you need to write essays successfully, are time and knowledge. Missing one of these key factors will leave you with bad chances. In any case – you may always apply to your classmates for help, as they may have more time or knowledge than you do. Hypothetically, some of them may help you, but you can’t call them a reliable assistance.

Imagine that the grade for this essay is crucial for your academic performance… You’re sitting at the desk and asking yourself “How do I write an essay in three days?”, knowing you’ve got a dozen more assignments to complete. The answer is a bit surprising – you can always order it.

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