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Narrative Essays

Tell a story and watch the reaction – Narrative Essays
Writing a narrative essay is your first chance to teach a lesson, instead of learning it

There’s a kind of academic papers, which doesn’t require any additional work – it only tests your writing skills. If we simplify the definition of a narrative essay, we get a text that shares your personal experience, teaches a lesson or entertains the audience. You may think that it’s very easy, and you’ll be partially right. In comparison to other essay types, this one takes less effort, but it still has rules and a way of evaluation, so you’ll have to work to get a positive grade.

According to what the narrative essay definition states, working on such a paper is more of a creative activity, than analytic one. Knowing this, you can comprehend the real target of such tasks…

Writing narrative essays is a way for you to exercise your writing skills, so you don’t have to sweep through dozens of sources. Start with a story from your life – one that has a conclusion, something you want to share with everyone. It may be a mistake you made in the past and don’t want anyone to repeat it, or it may as well be a story of your success. A comic situation from your life would also make a good narrative essay. The only problem you may encounter – the text must work. If it doesn’t, you’ve most probably failed the narrative essay.

Here’s a list of our effective narrative essay tips. Be sure to browse them before writing – they may save you a lot of time and nerve.

–          What is a narrative essay? Think about it for a moment. It is not an analytic task, but an assignment aimed at letting you express yourself as well as test your writing style. Don’t try to prove anything or find evidence. It’s your story and you’re the one who’s right.

–          Adhere to the narrative essay format, or the grade wouldn’t be very nice. You should know that the main feature of such texts is the absence of research. For example, a book report would also be a narrative essay. Just listen to the task attentively and you’ll get the format.

–          Remember narrative essay structure. It’s quite standard – introduction, main body, conclusion… But there are slight differences. First of all, the introduction should get the readers acquainted with the characters and the place, where your plot will develop. The main body is basically the story itself, while the conclusion is, in fact – the moral, or the outcome.

–          Here’s another nice tip on how to write a narrative essay – first person storytelling. If you start your story with the word “I”, it will certainly gain attention of a much bigger audience – meaning it would most surely be interesting for the tutor.

–          State your point of view clearly at the end of the essay. This is one of the best ideas for a narrative essay, really. If you don’t explain properly what you’re trying to imply with the story, the essay wouldn’t complete its direct task, which means a quite a low grade for you.

–          Write an outline first – it becomes really easier. Among the ideas for narrative essay plans, there is one called “synoptic plot”, which is basically an extremely short version of your story. Write it down and you’ll never have to stop and try to recall what you wanted to tell everyone.

Enough with those narrative essay ideas. What’s there to do when you positively can’t complete this task? You know, such a paper, though being more of a creative work than calculating and analyzing, is still a difficult one. What if you don’t have the time? You know how every tutor thinks of his subject as the main one and gives enough tasks for the whole evening to scribble. Then, all there’s left to do is buy narrative essay…

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