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Reasonable Pricing System

Our main policy is you get exactly what you pay for! You can yourself control the expenses on your sample paper! There are only 3 factors, that influence the price of your paper – academic level, number of pages and the urgency. So placing the order in advance will make the price go down, and on the contrary, urgency will cost you more.

The only compromise we don’t take is the quality. You will get an original paper written from scratch from the real expert in the field!

Below you can see the table that will help you calculate the price. It shows the price per 1 double-spaced page (approximately 250 words).

Academic Level Deadline
15 days or more 8-14 days 4-7 days 2-3 days 8-24hrs
High School $20 $22 $25 $28 $33
(1st and 2nd year)
$22 $24 $27 $31 $36
(3rd and 4th year)
$24 $27 $30 $35 $41
Masters $26 $29 $33 $38 $44
PhD $32 $35 $38 $43 $50

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