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Research on the Topic: Student and Vegetarianism

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It is never too late to change something in your life, and in some moments, it is especially important. Those, who have ever thought about how to eliminate from consuming animal products, do not make a mistake and make the first step. Here, it is our research: student’s life is the best time to become a vegetarian!

Independent Life

For those, who still live with their parents, or often visit them and eat with their parents, there is an intractable problem: for vegetarian children, parents have to cook separately. Therefore, parents often oppose their children to become vegetarians, often because of the vain fear or the state of health. Starting vegetarian lifestyle is the easiest way to own an apartment or dormitory.

This Lifestyle Is Comfortable

With freedom, of course, comes responsibility. Anyone who rents an apartment should not only cook but also wash, maintain order, take care of cleanliness, shopping and much more. As our research shows, many students, who are vegetarians, like quickly prepared food, such as spaghetti with ketchup, rice, toast with jam, French fries, etc. However, it is better to eat fruits and vegetables purchased at markets, tofu and many other products that are useful for health.

There Are so Many Great Recipes!

Do not think that to cook vegetarian food you need to be a professional chef. Also, a misconception is that vegetarian food is monotonous. It is a wide range of chocolate desserts and a super simple way of making spaghetti and ending with delicious vegetarian dishes. This all you can cook without making many efforts. Vegetarian and vegan recipes can be found here.

Food in a Public Catering

As our research says, in any cafe, in every student’s cafeteria in addition to dishes prepared from food of animal origin, it is possible to find cater for vegetarians. Here, you can find cooked vegetables, French fries, vegetables, and fruit salads. Many believe that it is difficult for vegetarians to eat in public catering points but they are wrong, you should try once and you will see that it is not difficult.

Ancient Wisdom

An ancient proverb says that you should begin an acquaintance with the new city with the best of the abdomen. In today’s university towns, students can easily find a lot of cafes, snack bars and restaurants with vegetarian options. In the big cities, in recent years, purely vegetarian cafes and restaurants appeared.

You Can Easily Find Friends

Often people think of vegetarians as “antisocial freaks” because they do not eat animal products. However, vegetarians tend to be very unusual and interesting personalities. These people are often in the spotlight.

Benefits for Your Figure

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According to studies, body mass index (BMI) of vegetarians is lower than that of meat-eaters, and the average BMI decreases the severity of a vegetarian diet, respectively. The vegans have the lowest index. Therefore, vegetarians are not only less likely to suffer from obesity and excess weight but also have a greater harmony than meat eaters.

Pleasant Aroma

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According to the research by Czech scientists, it was found that human bodies have a specific smell. At the same time, the smell after the exclusion of meat products from the diet has been estimated as a more pleasant and less intense than before. This suggests that the flesh negatively affects the flavor.

The Benefits for the Cardiovascular System

According to the research, the mortality rate from coronary heart disease among people, who adhere to a vegetarian diet for more than 5 years, is less than 24%. Furthermore, vegetarian’s blood pressure is lower than that of non-vegetarians; they are less likely to become ill with hypertension. The risk of heart attacks is also significantly lower than of meat-eaters.

Lower Risk of Getting Cancer

Scientists came to the conclusion that the risk of any cancer (the only exception is colon cancer) of vegetarians is much lower than that of people who do not adhere to such a diet.

The number of vegetarians around the world is increasing every year. This contributes to the mass of both objective and subjective reasons: from ideas about what should be a useful and healthy food, and ending with the ethical convictions. It is time to make a decision! If you choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you need to take a look at “veggie-friendly” countries.

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