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The Complexity of the Student’s Choice: “Veggie-Friendly” Countries

Fruit Basket

While studying, for any student, an opportunity to lead a normal lifestyle and eat familiar food is very important. That is why students-vegetarians, and especially vegans, should pay attention to the gastronomic features of the country, in which they are going to learn.

Meat Eaters

Everyone knows that there are many countries for “meat eaters” in the world, especially where residents consume a lot of meat, and a cuisine of which consists mainly of meat dishes. These countries include, for example, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Scandinavian countries, and South American countries. Vegetarians in such countries, unfortunately, have a pretty poor choice of tasty dishes and restaurants where you can try these dishes. Moreover, the vegetarian and vegan foods here usually do not come cheap.

Do You Prefer Fruits and Vegetables?

There is good news for you too! There are many countries, in which vegetarian meals are not only common but also available, even for a student budget.

Here are the top five countries in the world where to live, if you are a vegetarian.


Colorful Spices

It is the undisputed leader of the “vegetarian” countries’ list; India is holding the index of the lowest level of meat consumption in the world. It is no secret that for this reason a lot of vegetarians and lacto vegetarians from different countries come here.

In any state of India, very cheap and delicious vegetarian options are sold at every step. By the way, fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and rice here cost just a penny!


In Italian cuisine, meat is an optional ingredient in the vast majority of dishes. Pasta of various sorts, lasagna, salads, cheese dishes, and casseroles – in Italy all this widely qualifies either with meat or without it.

In Italy, you can truly enjoy the delicious various vegetarian food, and not overpay for it. By the way, according to statistics, about 10% of the Italian population is vegetarians; this is the highest rate among the EU countries.


Exotic Fruits

If you are not only vegetarian but also a lover of the exotic, you definitely have to taste life in Thailand. Just think: local cuisine for more than 90% consists of vegetarian foods!

Here everywhere you can eat traditional noodles with vegetables and spicy sauces, salads, nuts, vegetable soups, and desserts, prepared with the most healthy and beneficial ingredients. There is one more advantage: whether you are cooking at home or eating in cafes and restaurants, food in Thailand will not empty the pocket even of the thriftiest student.


The main advantage of gastronomic America is the diversity. Of course, vegetarianism here is not developed as in many other countries, but here, all conditions have been created for vegetarians and vegans. In every state and city of America, there are a lot of vegetarian shops and restaurants serving different cuisines; here there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

At the same time, there are both expensive and quite low vegetarian places. In short – for any pocket. Incidentally, in the dining rooms of the overwhelming majority of American universities, nowadays there is a special vegetarian menu.


Israeli national dishes hummus, falafel and beloved mujaddara are appreciated by vegetarians around the world. Here, in Israel, vegetarianism is growing rapidly; about 10% of the population does not eat meat or restrict its consumption.

Today in Israel, there are more vegetarian restaurants and local residents discover the vegetarian and vegan options. Also, there are long-familiar dishes, including burgers, pizza, and lasagna. Regardless of whether you prefer European or Israeli cuisine, here you have a variety of vegetarian and healthy eating, as well as a wide variety of year-round fruits and vegetables.


Vegetarianism is perceived differently in different parts of the world. In some areas, vegetarianism has a cultural and legal support, for example, in India, where the food is labeled in order to facilitate the ability to determine food for vegetarians, appropriate to their diet. In most countries, there is a tendency to the increasing popularity of a vegetarian diet. So, if you are a student and you are a vegetarian, you have a big choice of countries where to study.

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