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Top 5 Countries for Vegetarian Students

Basket of Vegetables

Students, who choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, say that the decision to refuse the consuming meat and other animal products has had a serious impact on their health and they want to continue their way of life. We recommend you to read the first top 5 “veggie friendly” countries. We will continue this list right now.


Switzerland is another European country with the highest percentage of vegetarians. There is even a formal community of vegetarians “Swissveg” where more and more people enter each year.

The gastronomic selection of cheese and chocolate in Switzerland can please any vegetarian. Firstly, in the local cuisine, he/she meets a lot of vegetarian dishes: it is all kinds of potato dishes, vegetarian cheese fondue with vegetables, sweet chocolate fondue with fruits, delicious Rosti, and Raclette. Secondly, Switzerland is trying to create a comfortable environment for all of these people, and students are not an exception. All over the country, there are plenty of vegetarian cafes and restaurants, grocery stores where vegetarian and vegan dishes are marked with a special icon.


Festival of Vegetables

Like the United States, Canada is known for a variety of cuisine and catering. Canada is one of the countries supporting the ecology and environmental protection programs, where vegetarian and raw food is growing rapidly. Yet, vegetarian festivals are held in the country regularly. Every year, the festival in Toronto is visited by ten thousands of people.

The list of Canadian cities with the largest number of vegetarian restaurants is great, for example, Vancouver goes after Toronto and Montreal. In addition, the Canadian national cuisine, which consists of many vegetarian recipes, is very fond of all sorts of potatoes, breaded potato poutine (fries with cheese curd), and Quebec cuisine has adopted a number of French vegetarian dishes. Is it time to pack your bag and move to Canada?


Vegetarian cuisine of Singapore is very diverse; it has absorbed all the best of the culinary traditions of Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. Many dishes from noodles and rice, hot and cold vegetable salads for all tastes, exotic soups with coconut milk – vegetarian food in Singapore can be very tasty and not expensive.

The availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts, and cereals also allows vegetarians to cook at home, learning new recipes. If you are a student, you should like learning something new. The country has more than 500 vegetarian shops and markets, and there are more than 300 vegetarian restaurants! By the way, Singapore is the head office of the world’s first network of vegetarian fast food «VeganBurg


Chocolate and Waffles

Not many people know but Belgium became the first country in the world, in which a weekly vegetarian day was approved by law. The Belgian city of Ghent was a pioneer in this area, and now the vegetarian days are held across the country. On these days, restaurants and cafes offer only vegetarian dishes.

Local catering can boast vegetarian dishes of world cuisine and traditional Belgian delicacies. Among them, there are the vegetarian options: sulfur-potato casserole, croquettes, mashed stump, biscuits, waffles, and various pastries.


England is one of the most vegetarian countries, the number of carnivores here decreases with each generation. Vegetable dishes are loved by the British for a long time; ever since the imperial colonies when vegetarian recipes were imported into the country from India. Today England boasts the highest density of vegetarian restaurants in Europe.

Vegetarian food in England is available everywhere: in restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels, and university cafeterias for students. So Albion is not just “fish and chips,”  it is popular with Indian and Pakistani snacks and vegetarian shops, as well as national dishes without meat, such as potato soup with leek, pea soup, pies, baked cauliflower cabbage, crumble, baked stuffed potatoes, and more.


The countries that were listed above may seem a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. If you are a student, you only have to choose the university in this country.

We wish you luck in your choice!

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